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Here’s What Our Clients Say About Us

"Cesco’s service to Intergulf Corporation is excellent. By working closely with our employees to solve problems, Cesco was able to provide us with the Bulk-Chem tank system to save Intergulf from a price increase. Our relationship with the Cesco team is great, and it would be hard to improve on their service."

— Darrell Lawson, Plant Supervisor
Intergulf Corporation

"Since any unit down time is extremely costly to the business, we appreciate Cesco’s ability to work with our engineers and operators to develop column and vessel hydrocarbon clean-up procedures that both minimize the clean-up time required, as well as the amount of chemical used when compared to other methods. Their service representatives partner with us to find solutions, rather than just selling us chemicals. We have worked with them for over 10 years, and Cesco has a proven track record of commitment to safety, strong customer service, and chemicals that work."

— Steve Willett, Maintenance & Reliability Manager
Chevron Canada, Ltd.

"I trust the folks at Cesco — the people there are friendly and cordial, not pushy at all, and I actually enjoy their company. I know they will deliver great products that work well, at a fair price. They’ve always been able to figure out a good fit for our needs."

— Mike Thompson, Manager EHS
PolyOne Corporation

"Cesco’s performance was exactly the way they portrayed it in our initial presentation. We’ve had a professional relationship with them for over six years now, and they are always there to help us monitor our process and tell us immediately if anything is not performing up to standards. Since working with them, our wash up frequency has decreased, allowing us to maintain a consistent boilout schedule with less downtime. They have demonstrated an ability to respond quickly to our ever-changing needs."

— Vince Riso, Paper Machine Manager
Grays Harbor Paper

"I have worked with Cesco for the last nine years, and have found their service and technical support to be excellent. They were able to develop a process for our waste treatment that effectively solved our discharge problems, as well as saving us money by reducing penalties and chemical costs. I have recommended them to other companies in the past, and will continue to do so."

— Don Scott, Senior Advisor
Hallmark Poultry Processors Ltd.

"The people at Cesco have gone above and beyond the call of duty to help us troubleshoot problems and address our environmental concerns. Their staff are extremely professional, knowledgeable, and ‘common-sensed.’ They have earned my respect by the way they run their company, and the way they have saved our company time and expense while maintaining an environmentally safe system. Cesco is a wonderful company to introduce into any facility."

— Sandy L. Meekins, Professional Environmental Specialist
Jindal Texas Works

"Cesco has an innovative, problem-solving procedure that results in the application of the most effective and economical chemical for our company. Their CESCO 771 product has not only become one of our most versatile cleaning agents, but it also costs about half the price of the chemical it replaced in some cleaning applications. I often recommend Cesco to other companies."

— Edward B. Wickham, Washrack Foreman
Miller Transporters, Inc.

"By providing a 24/7 response to our needs, Cesco makes sure that we never get out of compliance, and never face any fines. Their knowledge of our industry and their problem-solving skills have made for a great relationship."

— Sue Thramer, Engineering Administrative Assistant
Draper Valley Farms

"Cesco has worked with us to answer many cleaning and degassing issues with great results. In one case, they were able to help us clear a tank of high benzene levels in one afternoon, after other mechanical and chemical efforts had failed. That kind of service saves us time, which saves us money. I would absolutely recommend them to anyone."

— Larry Ballinger
Midwestern Services

Some Customer Comments on Cesco’s Vinyl Master product:

 "The absolute best product we’ve used to clean vinyl.  Definitely not going to buy any other soap after using Vinyl Master."

— Josh Sturgis, Owner
Power Washing Plus, Clackamas, OR

"It’s the best soap I’ve used on vinyl to remove carbon deposit and road film build up."

— Sammy Vega
Vega Enterprises, San Diego CA

"I thought it did an amazing job — you hit the jackpot."

— Rick Oram, Shipping Manager
Emerald Home Furnishings, Tacoma, WA
"For years we’ve tried everything and nothing worked for removing exhaust and carbon from our vinyl without hand scrubbing.  With your product all we do is spray it on and pressure wash rinse and the vinyl is clean.  It’s fantastic!"

— Blast Pressure Wash Systems, LLC, Tacoma, WA

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