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From our Lab to Your Facility: Cesco Drives Profits with Innovative Chemistry

Cesco has more than 30 years of experience developing products for the Food Processing Industry, and offers a complete suite of products, equipment, procedures and training to fulfill your company’s needs. We become a part of your HACCP program, adding our knowledge of microbiology, metallurgy, and chemistry to your quality control team. We put the full resources of our laboratory and expert staff at your disposal. Our goal is to help you increase productivity, lower production costs and meet environmental standards.

We have numerous products to meet these objectives and continue to upgrade our chemistry and technical expertise, offering you concentrated and cost-effective cleaning, sanitation, production and water treatment solutions.

What makes Cesco different from our competitors is our ability to supply innovative products in combination with a problem solving approach, thus providing measurable economic gain for our customers. We offer a complete situation analysis of your facility before recommending, or even creating, a product for your needs. Each proposed chemical program must show a return on investment and meet or exceed performance and environmental standards for your company.

When the experts at Cesco join your team, your profitability increases — it’s that simple.

Service Facts

  • Cesco provides a customized service program that alleviates workload on your staff.
  • We work with your staff to write Standard cleaning and Operation Procedures (SOPs) for each application.
  • Since we have our own fleet of delivery vehicles, we can quickly respond to urgent requests for more formulations, 24 hours a day.
  • Cesco has substantial production capacity for heavy use requirements, quick turnarounds, and emergency situations.
  • Our staff understands the process and procedures of the Food Processing Industry, is highly trained in compliance and safety issues, and is drug and alcohol screened.
  • Cesco’s company culture is based on problem solving. We enjoy taking your biggest challenges, and finding efficient, innovative, cost-effective, and environmentally friendly solutions.
  • Cesco will diagnose your company’s problems, then treat the source, not just the symptoms.
  • We know you take pride in your work — we take pride in being a resource for you, and making your business safer, more profitable, and more efficient.
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