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Cesco Solutions : Vinyl Master Demonstration

A unique Vinyl Cleaning Product presentation from Cesco Solutions.  Contact us today to learn more.

Here‘s What Our Customers Are Saying About Cesco’s Vinyl Master:

 “The absolute best product we’ve used to clean vinyl.  Definitely not going to buy any other soap after using Vinyl Master.”

— Josh Sturgis, Owner
Power Washing Plus, Clackamas, OR

“It’s the best soap I’ve used on vinyl to remove carbon deposit and road film build up.”

— Sammy Vega
Vega Enterprises, San Diego CA

“I thought it did an amazing job — you hit the jackpot.”

— Rick Oram, Shipping Manager
Emerald Home Furnishings, Tacoma, WA

“For years we’ve tried everything and nothing worked for removing exhaust and carbon from our vinyl without hand scrubbing.  With your product all we do is spray it on and pressure wash rinse and the vinyl is clean.  It’s fantastic!”

— Blast Pressure Wash Systems, LLC, Tacoma, WA

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