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The Cesco Solutions Bulk-Chem System is an environmentally sound, custom tailored solution to your cleaning and process chemical needs. Offering convenience, economy and improved safety, the Bulk-Chem System is another way we provide our clients with measurable economic gain.

How it Works:

Custom tailored Bulk-Chem equipment is installed conveniently and safely along production lines and in processing areas.
Product is piped to remote areas from centrally located tanks. If it is more economical, day tanks and automatic dispensing pumps may be installed.

300 to 8,000 gallon storage tanks at your point-of-use are installed at no charge to you. We supply adequate inventory using our own Technical Sales Representatives, Delivery Personnel, and Bulk Trucks, freeing up your personnel for more productive tasks.


Eliminates need for drums and drum disposal, which saves you money, and reduces injuries to your personnel.

Blending and delivering products in bulk dramatically reduces your per-gallon costs. Although your savings will depend on volumes used, many customers save 10% to 50% when compared to purchases in drums or totes.

As part of our service program, we provide safety seminars for your personnel, as well as product labels and Material Safety Data Sheets that detail important safety information.

Since our formulations are custom-blended at our facility, and we offer a full line of feed and makedown equipment, your personnel’s exposure to chemicals is reduced. This also adds to your savings by reducing injuries, increasing productivity, and decreasing insurance and injury claims.

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